EDA Tools

The heart of successful products is in Electronic Design.

Altium, a firm that builds products that make the best PCB design software and high-powered tools for PCB designers. Moreover, Industry-leading schematic capture, layout, and prototyping tools help successfully manage projects and deliver products on time and on a budget makes it the one of the best in the world to facilitate with best EDA tools. In Addition, ADAM Research is technical consultant expertise in the field of electronics cooling solutions.

PCB Design Software

The main offering from Altium is Altium Designer – the tool of choice for tens of thousands of professional PCB designers across the globe.

Thermal Risk Management Software

TRM-PDN analysis plus Thermal Analysis software by ADAM Research is a special tool of an engineering analysis that takes care of the needs and necessary details of PCB simulations. If you work with CAD software having no thermophysical analysis modules or you don’t want to get involved in complex finite elements, then TRM is the right tool for you: universal, easy to use, and at a good price.




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