GW Instek, which provides an entire series of oscilloscope solution, comprised of four groups: Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Analog Oscilloscope, Real-Time/Digital Storage Oscilloscope, and Logic Analyzer.

GWInstek offers diverse power supply product lines to meet user’s demand for a variety of applications. Based on different needs, the product lines can be divided into several categories including DC Power Supply, AC Power Source, and DC Electronic Load.

GW Instek provides both bench-top and hand-held digital multimeter to meet customers’ needs under different circumstances.

GW Instek, which lineup fits a broad range of applications in research and design, service and maintenance, manufacturing, educational and other related fields for the frequency range from 1GHz to 3GHz.

GW Instek for users worldwide. Wide product lines including Programmable DC electronic loads with a modularized structure and Non-programmable are provided.

Safety testers (also named hi-pot tester/hipot tester/hipot test) is designed to ensure safe operation of DUTs under various operating conditions and environment.

GWInstek has been one of the major signal source suppliers for worldwide users by the advanced-featured products for decades.

GW Instek offers high-precision LCR meters: the LCR-8000G/LCR-900 series which are designed for a variety of applications such as production testing, QC inspection, and design verification, etc. Reliable operability, accurate results, user-friendly interfaces, and automatic testing functions make the LCR-8000G/LCR-900 series one of the best choices for passive component tests.

GW Instek for Basic Test & Measurement can be divided into groups: DC Milli-Ohm Meters, and Specific Application T&M Instruments.



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