Promik offers Flash Programming Solutions with a range of trusted hardware and software solutions for flashing and testing devices, PCB, and completed electronic control units.

These products and solutions leverage emerging technologies (e.g., inline manufacturing systems) so customers can be assured of a low cost of ownership. We will also make considerations for adapting the solutions for individual customer requirements.

MSP1000NET ( Multi Standard Programmer )

PSU2000NET (Power Supply Unit )

ICTP2000 (In Circuit Tester and Programmer)

MSP2000NET (Multi Standard Programmer )

SAP1010 (Semi Automated Programming)

LIN Flasher

For flashing electronic control units (ECUs) via the LIN-Bus, ProMik has a complete solution that includes a LIN-Bootloader and the corresponding host PC flash tools. A LIN-Bootloader allows End-Of-Line programming and therefore brings gains in logistics and shortened time-to-market for the customer. Other gains could be saving repair costs and time due to the possibility of field updates.



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